About us

Creativity in designing and making gifts for others started at a young age. During the years, traveling, music, history and nature gave us inspiration for our creations.

The first gifts we made were specifically designed for their close friends and family, which later developed into their first collection of jewelry. We are attracted by anything that comes from Portugal, nature, music or history. We have collected all kinds of (natural) materials, which became our inspiration. This inspiration is constantly being updated with new treasures.

Inspired Crafty Creations believes in the art of craft. The distinctive impression of the human hand into a beautiful design, in designs and experiences that are storytelling. In craft as a repository of personal and cultural narratives.

Since then, the designers of Inspired Crafty Creations has built a unique world where the past and present are combined together and merged into innovative and organic designs. Nature, history, photography, culture, music, art are endless sources of inspiration. The collections subtly reflects the personality and sensibility of the designers.

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